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Not only is a Rolls-Royce unique among automobiles but every car is as individual as its owner. The hand-crafted expression of a marque where every contour so fluidly combines leading-edge technology with old word craftsmanship is inspiring. What appears simple is by no means easy to achieve. Automation cannot substitute for skilled hands and a dedication to tireless pursuit of perfection.

Body Craft USA respects and honors the timeless Rolls-Royce tradition of a passion for excellence. Your motor car will receive a thorough and proper service to all appointments. Our paint matching service combines years of expertise with the finest application equipment, techniques. and paints. Just as at the Goodwood factory, hand fit and finishing assure your Rolls-Royce will be restored to pre-collision status. We work with insurance providers to ensure the best materials and workmanship are employed to complete every repair. The Body Craft USA reputation for quality and timely service has earned us the respect and trust of customers, automotive dealers, and insurance companies. As with Rolls-Royce, such a reputation is built one satisfied customer at a time. Body Craft USA is the first choice for automotive body repair for Fort Lauderdale and southern Florida.

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Body Craft USA is the Rolls-Royce body repair Specialist

Rolls-Royce Phantom - Damaged (Bumper)

A Rolls-Royce repair requires the complete involvement of eye and hand. Body Craft USA is fully capable and qualified to meet and exceed expectations for a full restoration.

Body Craft USA provides attentive service

Rolls-Royce Phantom - Damaged (Bumper)

Body Craft USA also pays complete attention to the desires of the owner. We are dedicated to your satisfaction.

Body Craft USA - the best for your Rolls-Royce

Rolls-Royce Phantom - Damaged (Detail)

Body Craft USA has rightfully earned the reputation as the premier south Florida collision damage repair facility of prestigious automobiles by dealerships and insurance carriers alike. Our knowledge and experience assures all parties of accurate, detailed, and superior workmanship regardless of the complexity or severity of the repair.

Body Craft USA expertly restores fit and finish

Rolls-Royce Phantom - Repaired (Detail)

The fit and finish of a Body Craft USA repair is seldom equaled and never surpassed. The level of service you will receive starts with a thorough estimate, continues through exact fitment of only the proper components and perfectly and matched and finished paint, and concludes with signed approval. However, the work is not complete until you are satisfied.

Complete restoration service for your Rolls-Royce by Body Craft USA

Rolls-Royce Phantom - Repaired

A Body Craft USA repair of your Rolls-Royce is more than the sum of its parts. Our objective is to provide service that wholly compliments the pride of ownership and rewards of such a prestigious vehicle. The memory that your automobile was damaged will be eclipsed by ongoing satisfaction after the restoration.