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Body Craft USA, and the experience of driving a Lamborghini, share an important characteristic: little tolerance for error. Repair of body damage is just as demanding as all other expectations for your vehicle. The fit and finish require skills that only develop with much patience, practice, and familiarity. Hand assembly and fitting are a must to create or properly restore a Lamborghini. Body Craft USA is the unparalleled provider of the finest collision damage repair, custom panel work, and appearance care in Fort Lauderdale, and southern Florida. Our work goes beyond meticulous attention to every detail. Our technical prowess and devotion to repairing your vehicle will exceed expectations.

Your Lamborghini will receive a thorough inspection and meticulous work. Body Craft USA works with insurance providers to ensure the best materials and workmanship are employed to complete every repair. Our paint matching service combines years of expertise with the finest application equipment, techniques. and paints. The Body Craft reputation for quality and timely service has earned us the respect and trust of customers, automotive dealers, and insurance companies. Body Craft USA looks forward to your being convinced we are the first choice for automotive body repair for Fort Lauderdale and southern Florida.

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Body Craft USA is a Lamborghini Specialist

Lamborghini Gallardo - Damaged

The body of your Lamborghini is an integral part of its construction and should not be compromised. Very few repair shops are capable of matching factory confidence, beauty, and value during restoration. Body Craft USA will more than meet your expectations and repair your Lamborghini only one way - correctly.

Body Craft USA provides attentive service

Lamborghini Gallardo - Damaged (Detail)

Every vehicle is unique and the only true way to pay attention to the details is to attend to the needs and desires of the owner. Body Craft USA is dedicated to the owner's satisfaction.

Body Craft USA - Lamborghini expertise

Lamborghini Gallardo - in Process

Body Craft USA has rightfully earned the reputation as the premier south Florida collision damage repair facility by dealerships, insurance carriers, and discriminating owners. Our knowledge and experience assures all parties of accurate, detailed, and superior workmanship regardless of the complexity or severity of the repair.

Body Craft USA expertly restores fit and finish

Lamborghini Gallardo - Repaired (Detail)

The fit and finish of a Body Craft USA repair is seldom equaled and never surpassed. The level of service you will receive starts with a thorough estimate, continues through exact fitment of only the proper components and perfectly matched paint, and concludes with signed approval. However, the work is not complete until you are satisfied.

Complete auto body service for your Lamborghini by Body Craft USA

Lamborghini Gallardo - Repaired

The Body Craft USA objective is to provide service that wholly compliments your pride and satisfaction of ownership. We want you to remember that you and your vehicle are respected and protected by the excellence of our work.